When Ashley Moore was 15, she had a job as a graphic designer, where she excelled. But when she was at school, she noticed her peers bullied her often.

“I just didn’t fit in, but as soon as I would leave school and use these coding and design skills, people would treat me like I had a magical power,” Moore said. “So they gave me a lot of respect and it was very easy to make friends.”

Moore now owns Codeteachers, a company that teaches students how to code and use technology skills. The company also teaches the students how to avoid being bullied — or being a bully — and seeks to raise confidence in students.

If your child is a gifted student like Ashley, there are several options to look into to challenge your child’s mind.



WEBSITE: codeteachers. com

EMAIL: Ashley Moore, [email protected]

Depending on the evening, Codeteachers classes meet at ScribbleSpace in Summerport Village or at Hub 925 in Dr. Phillips.

Younger children can start in more basic classes such as STEAM and from there go into Intro to Coding. Codeteachers also offers classes such as game design and coding.

Currently, Moore is offering different levels of gifted coding classes throughout the week as well.

Students in the gifted coding classes get to learn more advanced coding concepts.

Ultimately, the students are learning advanced skills, so Moore wants to teach them more than just coding.

“They’re going to learn more than sometimes their parents know,” Moore said. “We want to make sure that they don’t use those (skills) for hacking or something like that. We really want them to feel that this for them to do good for the world and also to teach it to someone else.”

This year, Codeteachers is putting after-school programs in 20 to 25 schools in Orange County.

Do you have knowledge you want to share and need a classroom? Contact ScribbleSpace today to learn about how you can make our flexspace your space for classes, workshops or events!


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