Before you spend one more minute on your small business - be TOTALLY HONEST with yourself. Are you truly set up for success? Do you have the 4 business cornerstones firmly planted so you can build your vision on top of a solid foundation?

What are these cornerstones?

1 • Inspired Passion for your Great Idea

2 • Sufficient Money to Fund Start Up and Growth Expenses Until the Break Even Stage

3 • Right-fit Physical & Human Resources for day-to-day business activity

4 • Effective Marketing/Sales Plans & Implementation

Everything you need to do well in order to succeed in your small business vision falls under one of these four cornerstones.
If any of them are weak or non-existent your small business will be unstable and as it grows, the weakest link(s) will come crumbling down, taking the rest with it.

Everyone has #1. Even if it's not the greatest idea, inspired passion is WHY you feel motivated to give it a go at your small business! Without this there is no business.

Number 2, is what determines if 3 and 4 are solid. In the absence of earmarked seed and growth money, MANY small business owners decide 3 and 4 will be entirely provided by "me, myself and I" and they don a dozen hats. They attempt to operate, market, sell, provide customer service, do the bookkeeping, man the special event tents, teach the classes, answer the phone, buy the supplies, answer the emails, and on and on and on - and all from their dining room table or back bedroom...

The story is the same - you dive in head first feeling invincible like superman/superwoman - and then depending on their stamina and courage levels - there's a time when you come to realize which of these many tasks that fall under numbers 3 and 4 you have a love for and which you have a distaste for. The love/hate feelings are directly tied to proficiency at first. As you get busier, even the tasks you are good at begin to feel like a burden because there are only so many hours in the day and square feet in the house!

There - you've done it - you've taken a hard look in the mirror. What did you find? Are all of your cornerstones solid?

Yes? Sort of? No, not at all?

Believe me when I say, I know first-hand what it feels like to go from feeling like superwoman to recognizing where the gaping holes are in 3 and 4. They were easy fixes though once I identified them and put an action plan in place. The plan was simple - figure out what budget I can provide for #2 and then fill the gaps in 3 & 4 with solutions that fit that budget. DONE!

The key is finding QUALITY solutions that fit a SMALL BIZ SIZED budget...


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