If you're starting and growing your small business in the general area of Horizon West - you have a few huge advantages! Not only is this a booming area brimming with new businesses but higher income families are flooding in and building new homes to establish roots for their young and growing families.

You have a captive audience of customers in a market that has a huge lack of nearby offerings. Sure they can drive out to older, more established areas, but for convenience, if a quality offering pops up closer, they will try it out and opt for the local option moving forward.

Another HUGE advantage you have is that this area is teaming with smart, educated, motivated entrepreneurs with a myriad of talents! All you have to do is plug-in to the local small business community to find them and then stay active to build these critical relationships.

Do this and you WILL have access to all of the solutions you need to make sure cornerstones 3 & 4 are SOLID! (If you missed the cornerstone piece - jump over here now before you move on.)

Here's where we outline the solutions we at ScribbleSpace can provide to you when you become a Member... And for any of the resources or services we don't offer directly - there are tons of opportunities to show up and plug in to the various Meetups, Networking, Classes, Workshops and Social events where you'll build relationships with others that can either fulfill or refer to fill those voids.

If your small business cornerstones aren't solid in any of the following (3) three categories - we can assist. We've focused on what we do best, what we have inspired passion behind offering, to bring these offering to our customers - thats YOU - in a way that works for your reality as a small business owner. You, our customers, are what makes us tick. We live, breath and know these areas of expertise and have poured our energy into how to provide these essential elements at price points that we know you, and other small business owners like you, will be comfortable budgeting for monthly.

So let go of the stress of feeling you need incur huge expenses to open your own office/space or hire a big team to handle operations, sales and marketing - discover how you can have all of this provided at a high quality but at a small business budget friendly level of affordability...

We can assist in the following (3) three categories... 



3) MICRO-LOCAL AWARENESS - HORIZONWESTHAPPENINGS.COM • The Uber Convenient Guide to Horizon West in Your Pocket



  • OFFICE: A professional place to work outside of your home - away from the kitchen table or back bedroom, where you work alongside others with passions of their own, providing motivation and support – minimizing depression and homelife distractions. Set up in our private 24/7 access suite OR use our professional but causual open seating cafe area with WiFi at NO cost when you join as a Member for any of our other services...

  • MEETING: Bookable Quiet Meeting Room environment for you to privately talk with your team or your clients.

  • FLEX: Bookable flex space where you can operate your business through the offering of classes, workshops and events.

  • MAIL: Business mailing address so you don't expose your home address to the public in this day and age where anything can be googled.

  • ADMIN: Bookable Admin support by sharing the hours of our on-site staff with Members to perform tasks for short and long-term projects without adding staff.




  • CREATIVE DESIGN: Four monthly budgeted levels of creative design services to provide just what you need done. You receive design credits when you join as a Creative Design Member and then a monthly allotment of credits every month following. Use them as you get them or save them, for up to 24 months, for larger design needs.

  • STRATEGY/TACTICS EDUCATION: From how to use Facebook as a valuable awareness tool for your small business to working through your core target audience and establishing your yearly marketing tactics calendar. These growing class and workshop offerings are knowledge all small business owners need to understand so they can either do it themselves or be smart when hiring employees and/or outsourcing services.

  • SALES FUNNEL CRM SYSTEM: Consultation or One-Stop Setup to establish, train and integrate our budget and user friendly CRM tool that combines your sales database, e-mail marketing, landing pages, customer service etc. into an effective and convenient sales funnel process.



  • HORIZONWESTHAPPENINGS.COM - The Uber Convenient Guide to Horizon West in Your Pocket: For any business providing products or services to the consumers in the booming market of Horizon West in South West Orange County Florida - HorizonWestHappenings.com is the most affordable and targeted way to directly raise awareness of your brand and deliver timely offers to the smart phones and desktops of this microlocal market that is growing fast to 90,000 residents.

    As a HWH Member - you choose from four monthly budgeted levels which provide increasing levels of exposure on the website, supported by social media and in the Horizon West Welcome Center in Summerport Village. And inclusion in the seasonal Horizon West Happenings print magazine to be distributed regionally is limited to active Members.



All of these offerings are very easy to tap into by becoming a Member of ScribbleSpace. You can start with any Membership and we can easily add additional membership benefits to your account from any other category when you're ready. If you're already a ScribbleSpace Member and want to add any of these - PM, call, stop by M-F 9am - 5pm or email us to update your membership agreement.

To Learn More and Signup for any of our Memberships - Click over to: MEMBERSHIPS > > >


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