What we'll blog about will evolve as ScribbleSpace gets up and running and evolves to serve the local community over time! One thing we're sure to include are links and images of interesting content we come across online which we think would be of interest to our members.

This infographic is just one of many that we've been bookmarking to share with everyone: View Infographic >>>

If coworking (whether you knew what the term meant before or not) sounds appealing to you and you want to give it a try - this graphic has 7 great factors to consider as you explore the possibilities.

If you live near Summerport Village or in the surrounding areas (Windermere, Winter Garden, Horizon West), it would be hard to disagree that ScribbleSpace has the location item locked in! Absolutely no need to commute in the traffic on 535, 429, E-W Expressway, I-4, Maitland Exchange, etc.

If you're saying, where the heck is Summerport Village, it's OK, you're not alone! It is a brand-new emerging area that for years was nothing but a wide-open empty field and we hear everyday even from those that live 1/8 mile away, "I had no idea this was here!" 

If you're up for exploring, head towards the Summerport Publix plaza off of 535. Once you're on Summerport Village Pkwy you'll be heading in the right direction. As of January 2015, you'll see some 3 story colorful apartment buildings off to your right. (After Phase 3 will have a quaint village style retail area with the apartments behind that). Make your first right towards them. You'll drive straight through the first roundabout and continue towards the 3 story buildings and you're now in what is becoming Summerport Village! 

You'll pass the community area on your right which includes a community garden called GROW, dog park, playground, fitness path/trail on the pond with a fountain, performance lawn and a multi-purpose sports field with soccer goals. By then you'll be at the 2nd roundabout and straight ahead is beautiful Lake Speer! 

If you drive towards the lake you'll find yourself in front of the 8 commercial spaces where ScribbleSpace is located! So far our neighbors include a travel agent, dance studio, realtor. Future tenants we've heard are seriously looking at the remaining spaces include an organic cafe/lounge, a sweet shop, personal trainers, hairstylist and lawyer.

If you're reading this before January 22nd, 2015 we are in soft opening and will be open to the public after that date. We'd love to connect with you and invite you to our Open House on that day! Here are the details on Facebook!


We can't wait to share ScribbleSpace with the community and look forward to bringing everyone together to connect • create • collaborate!

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